2010 to 2013

Chris was living in Santa Barbara, CA and interning at Santa Barbara Sound Design under the direction of Grammy-nominated engineer, Dominic Camardella. As intern he was able to help in ADR sessions for Parks and Recreation, mixing for BBC's Planet Earth and the recording of a Depeshe Mode album. Simultaneously, he studied Music Theory at Santa Barbara Community College where he preformed original songs for David Crosby (The Birds, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) and David Paich (Toto).

"Chris has expressed his determination for a career path in audio engineering, music and audio production, and based on my experience of this fine young man, I highly endorse his pursuit."

-Dominic Camerdella, owner and chief recording engineer/producer at Santa Barbara Sound Design

2013 to 2015

Chris relocated to the Bay Area to complete his college degree at Ex'pression College for Digital Arts. In school he tutored Basic Recording and Studio Maintenance and graduated top 3 in his class in 2015 with a Bachelor's in Sound Arts. While a student he interned at Different Fur in San Fransisco, participated in a recording session with producer Jack Douglas (Aerosmith) and was an active member of the Grammy U program. Apart from school work he began his Freelance Recording career and made records with local bands. He also did sound for a video production company working on content for Visa, Virgin America and the SF Giants. His production and engineering work on the album Droid Intelligence by Burn Thee Insects on Twin Earth Record received high praise and continues to be a successful album.

2015 to present

After graduating, Chris became an instructor for the SAE Institute where he taught courses on audio. During this time he joined producer Billy Anderson (The Melvins, Sleep, Jawbreaker, Neurosis) to record the second album by the band KOOK. He left his job at SAE to become the Associate Mastering Engineer at Neato Mastering under head engineer Piper Payne. During his time at Neato he learned the art of mastering and was involved in projects for Cartoon Network (Steven Universe), Shannon and the Clams, Underoath, Beats Antique, Valor and Madam Gandhi. He also became studio manager at Airship Laboratories all while continuing to make records as a freelance engineer. As a freelancer he has been hired by Salesforce, San Fransisco Composers Chamber Orchestra, Himalaya Podcasts and has worked on records for Twin Earth Records, Glory Or Death Records, 1724 Records and Coffin and Bolt Records. Chris spoke at the 2019 SF Music Expo and represented Leapwing Audio at their booth. Chris has been flown to El Salvador to record and is currently the mixer of choice for producer Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, The Sounds).

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